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San Jose’s Best Wine Bars for People Who Have a Good Taste in Wine




Are you eager to taste some of North California’s best wines? If your visit is short and you do not have that much time to visit the fantastic wineries of northern California, you need not be upset. We are here to enlighten you about the best wine bars in the heart of San Jose where you will not at all be disappointed. Wine enthusiasts visit these places quite often for distressing themselves. These bars collect sample wines from the good wine regions in the locality. Mention may be made of Napa, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara Valley, Sonoma and several others. Head to one of these restaurants in San Jose and you can taste some good quality wine.

  • Wine Affairs

Wine Affairs, an amazing store in the neighborhood of the Rose Garden, stock boutique wines and small wines from all corners of the world. The food menu is tapas-style. It is opened every day. The Happy hour at Wine Affairs is on Thursday from 3-8 pm and for the whole day on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • The Village California Bistro & Wine Bar

This restaurant and wine bar has an award winning list of wine. Their specialty is collecting wine from small production wineries, mostly from local wineries in California. You must visit this place as here you will find several hard to get and rare wines. Their menu for lunch and dinner has diverse tasty dishes, freshly made. You can sit outdoors and enjoy your wine.

  • Vino Vino

They claim to serve “wine without attitude”. The appearance and ambience of the bar is similar to any neighborhood pub. They have some regional and local wines to offer you. You can sit outdoors here, located in San Pedro Street. It remains open on all seven days of the week. You will find this bar at 87 N San Pedro.

  • Vintage Wine Bar

You will find Vintage Wine Bar at 368 Santa Row. This wine store offers some unique themed wines such as Bold & Jammy, Pinot Paradise and Party Chardy. If you go to the Vintage Wine Bar during the happy hour, you will get the first glass of wine for free.

  • Vyne Bistro

Vyne Bistro is situated in Downtown San Jose. This wine bar and bistro offers wine as well as meals. It remains open every day and the happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Enjoy your evening with a glass of wine in your hand, sitting by the fireplace with your friends or family.

  • 20twenty Cheese Bar

This wine bar is located in San Jose’s 1389 Lincoln Ave. It is a unique bar in the Willow Glen area known for wine, beer and cheese. There are 20 types of wine and 20 craft beers for the visitors. The side dishes are served in small plates and their always new menu of charcuterie and artisan cheese allures youngsters. On Mondays, this place remains closed.

Food and Drinks

What are the Things You Must Eat in the Golden State



Food in Golden City

California, owing to its diversity of cultures, agricultural prowess and beaches, is famous for its culinary wealth. There is a great variety of wonderful dishes in California and it would take many days to taste all of them. Here is a list of some of the best eatables that you must try.

  • Avocado Toast

Californians are extremely proud of how they can use avocados. They use avocados in almost everything and the result is delicious. Avocado ice creams, avocado stuffed burgers and on top of their toast, they use smashed avocados. Dinette is a restaurant in Los Angeles where you will get the tastiest avocado toast.

  • Fish Tacos

Californians just love fish tacos. Enjoy these mouthwatering fish tacos in the sunny atmosphere of San Diego. Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill have plenty of options like jumbo scallops, soft crabs and red snapper.

  • Double-Double in In-N-Out

You may not find In-N-Out in other states, but it has been in California since 1948. This burger stand was first opened by Harry Snyder. Their Double-Double is famous all over California. The burger has two beef patties, two slices of cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato and the buns are very fresh. Do order fries along with it.

  • Oysters

East Coast and West Coast have different taste in Oysters. In beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean, oysters are creamier and sweeter. Hog Island Oyster Co. in Tomales Bay is known for its best quality oysters in the state. There is an oyster farm of 160 acres with a bar and a picnic area for visitors.

  • Cioppino

San Francisco, the seaside city, is a place where you will find several seafood dishes. Cioppino is an iconic, classic one. The fish stew is made in a unique style, having white fish, clams, crab, wine sauce and tomato. Ferry Plaza Seafood is one of those places where you can savor tasty ciappiono.

  • Apple Pie

The tiny town of Santa Ysabel has the Julian Pie Company, a paradise for lovers for apple pie. It started in the year 1986 and 17,000 apple trees were planted. Don’t forget to eat apple pies in California as you are going to regret in future.

  • Garlic Ice Cream

90% of the garlic consumed in the United States is grown in California. Griloy is known as the world’s garlic capital for its garlic production. Every summer, they host a garlic festival. They use garlic in several recipes, also in desserts. Try garlic ice cream at the Garlic City Café.

  • Cobb Salad

Here is something amazing for salad lovers. Cobb Salad usually has eggs, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese. Cobb is among the heartiest salads in the state. Fundamental LA offers the tastiest cob salads in Los Angeles.

  • French Dip

Another classic dish, the French dip, originated in Los Angeles. People of Chinatown adore French dips. You must taste the French dips in Philippe, a simple but authentic restaurant.

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Top restaurants in San Jose to please your taste buds




Are you new in San Jose? We understand that it is very difficult for anybody in a new city to figure out where to eat. This list of the best eateries in San Jose is going to solve all your doubts regarding where to feed yourself.

  1. The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is very popular among people of San Jose. It is a 4 star restaurant in San Jose. They make the best sweet potato fries in the city. However, their best recipe is the crab shrimp. If you do not try crab shrimp over here, you will never know how tasty crabs can be.

  1. La Foret

La Foret, one of the best places to eat in San Jose, is situated in 21747 Bertram Rd. For those who desire a romantic touch in the meals that are served, this French restaurant is the ideal place. The Grand Mariner soufflé is expensive but worth every penny you spend on it.

  1. Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill

The restaurant is located in 1035 S Winchester. You must visit this place if you have a thing for stylish interiors. Besides the classy appearance, the presentation of food is great. Don’t leave this place without tasting the dessert here, because fried ice cream and delicious mochi are worth waiting for.

  1. Freshly Baked Eatery

This restaurant in San Jose is always crowded with food lovers, and there are ample reasons behind it. This place probably serves the tastiest sandwiches in the world. The sourdough bread that they serve are freshly baked every day.

  1. Rangoli India restaurant

Rangoli India Restaurant is a 4 stars restaurant, located in 3695 Union Ave. They serve authentic Indian food, spicy and rich in flavors. If you taste garlic naan and Chicken Tikka Masala over here, you will feel like you are in India. They have a long list of popular Indian dishes worth trying.

  1. Taqueria Eduardo

Located in 3123 Williamsburg Dr, Taqueria Eduardo is another excellent place to have delicious food in the city. They make and serve food with utmost love, making all the eatables even more special. Carne asada is their culinary masterpiece.

  1. The Old Wagon Saloon and Grill

College kids and sports fans crowd this place. The place is for youngsters and those who want to enjoy their lives. Drink beer, eat burgers and don’t miss the crispy chicken wings.

  1. Psycho Doughnut

Psycho Doughnut, situated in 288 S 2nd St, is one of the favorite places of the locals here. This place is known for its unique dishes like doughnuts with a flavor of green tea and beer slushies. There is a movie hall attached to the restaurant and all the workers dress like nurses.

  1. Bibo’s Ny Pizza

Who does not love pizza? If you are suddenly tormented by a craving for pizza in San Jose, we will tell you where to go. Bibo’s Ny Pizza is famous in San Jose for its pizzas. The place is not at all expensive. The crust is thin and the toppings (basil, roasted tomatoes, bacon, pepperoni) are blended perfectly with the crust. The place is just awesome.

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Places that Serve the Best Pizzas in America




It is impossible to imagine any food as worthy of devotion as pizza. There is no such thing as bad pizza as when it is bad, it’s still pretty good. In a country like America, people are blessed with several restaurants that serve the best pizzas in the world. If you are wondering where you will find the best pizzas in America, this article is definitely for you.

Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn – Paul Giannone worked in the tech industry for thirty years before making a pizza oven that was wood-fired, in the backyard of his house in Brooklyn. Starting from this backyard landscape, now they have restaurants in Chicago, Miami, Columbus and Baltimore. They make the best Neapolitan pies and many specialty pizzas in the neighborhood.

Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles – The people of Los Angeles fell in love with pizzas after Nancy Silverton, Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali opened this restaurant in 2006. The toppings are very creamy their pizza is a mark of authentic California cuisine. If you want to taste their delicious pizza, you need to book one month in advance.

Seattle’s Delancey – Food blogger Molly Wizenberg and Brandon Pettit opened this pizza parlor in 2009 in Seattle. They ferment the dough for two days and add the toppings (aged mozzarella, dried Japanese chilies and homemade ricotta) are meticulously prepared.

Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix – If you are a pizza lover, Pizzeria Bianco’s pizza should definitely be in your list. Their approach to pizza-making is really innovative. Chris Bianco, who opened this restaurant in 1994, earned a James Beard award for his tasty pizza recipe in 2003.

San Francisco’s Del Popola – They started as a pizza truck in 2012 in San Francisco. Within a short span the truck was replaced by a sophisticated shop. Although the environment changed, their pizzas remained as delicious as they were in the beginning. They have an expanded menu to offer you. Once you are there, taste their manila clams.

Atlanta’s Antico Pizza Napoletana – Antico Pizza Napoletana is the pizza parlor by which all other pizza parlors are compared in Atlanta. Their Actuno ovens, specially imported from Italy, serve awesome pizzas. The dining room reminds you of the cafeteria in your high school. When it was opened in 2009, within two weeks it became extremely popular.

Spacca Napoli in Chicago – Since 2006, they serve one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in Chicago. Spacca Napoli’s partner is Jonathan Goldsmith. They have an unending list of specialty toppings to offer you. They are perfectionists in what they serve you. The restaurant is located at Sunnyside Ave. in Chicago.

Area Four, Boston –Each pizza that they serve at Area Four in Boston has a fifteen year-old legacy. Jeff Pond, the chef, allows the dough to proof for 30 hours and it gives the pizza a springy texture and a uniquely complex flavor.

Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis – It was opened by Ann Kim in 2010. Pizzeria Lola is famous for its pizzas that are complexly flavored and innovatively topped.

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