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San Jose

Best Tourist Spots You Must Not Miss in the Beautiful City of San Jose



San Jose

San Jose is California’s third largest city and ranks 10th among the top big cities in the United states of America, based on population. The place is known for its tech firms and industries, making the cost of living really high.

The colorful history of San Jose is what makes it unique. It is a popular tourist destination in California as there are many historical as well as interesting spots. These are some of the best attractions of San Jose.

  1. The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House, which was the property of Sarah Winchester in the past, is a popular tourist attraction now. This unique house was built in 38 years. Sarah Winchester possessed great wealth, which she invested in this house. The maze of rooms is very interesting and worth visiting.

  1. Japantown’s unique culture

Many years ago, Japantown was close to Chinatown. But, at the time of the World War II, these people were removed from the place and were forced to work in refugee camps. After the war was over, the Japanese started settling down in another part of San Jose. There are many amazing Japanese restaurants here, serving the tastiest Japanese food in San Jose. The ethnic neighborhood is the charm of Japantown.

  1. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

It is a Roman Catholic Church situated in the downtown area of San Jose. The cathedral has been named after its patron saint, Saint Joseph. Though this is the fifth church in the area, it is the oldest standing church here. This is because the four churches constructed before it have all been destroyed by earthquakes or fire. The Cathedral has extraordinary beauty owing to its fantastic, detailed artwork. If you visit San Jose, this church is worth visiting.

  1. The Santa Cruz Mountains

The majestic ranges of the Santa Cruz separate the Pacific Ocean form the San Francisco Bay. It is a popular tourist spot for its scenic beauty. It is the epicenter of Loma Prieta earthquake that happened in the year 1989.

  1. The Viet Museum

Here you can explore the history of Americans of Vietnamese descent. You can learn about the journey of Vietnamese folks to America, their struggle for freedom and their position in America at present. It is also popular by the name of Museum of the Boar People.

  1. San Jose City Hall

The rare design of the San Jose City Hall makes it a must visit in the city. Famous architect Richard Meier and his efficient team designed this building. It occupies an area of roughly 530,000 square feet. You will be mesmerized to see its beauty.

  1. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

It is a beautiful amusement park covering 16 acres of land and inhabiting 150 animals. Visitors love the puppet show and the amusements rides.

  1. Heritage Rose Garden

The best quality roses were planted for the first time here in 1995. There are not only roses, but varieties if other flowers. It is a quiet, beautiful place to visit.


San Jose’s Best Movie Theaters to Spend a Special Evening



cinema hall

A good movie theater makes the movie appear even better than it actually is. If you watch a movie sitting on a hard seat in a bad ambience of a cheap movie hall, no matter how amazing the movie is, you will not be able to enjoy. But if you watch an average film sitting on a soft seat, with butter, tomato or cheese flavored popcorn in your hand, even watching that normal movie will be a beautiful and relaxing experience. This is the thing about movie theaters.

If you are wondering which ones are the most visited movie halls in San Jose, this article is definitely for you. There are several movie halls in San Jose to make your movie watching experience a grand one. Here is a list of the best movie halls in the heart of San Jose where you can have great time with your near and dear ones.

  • CineArts Santana Row

It is an amazing movie theater, located at 3088 Olsen Dr. The ambience is really good for spending quality time with friends. The popcorn also tastes pretty good. It is an ideal place to watch an early show and the shopping complex is very close.

  • Century 20 Oakridge & XD

This movie theater is located at San Jose’s 925 Blossom Hill Rd. it has been voted by movie lovers as South Bay’s best cinema hall. There is a concession stall as well and you are going to regret if you miss it.

  • Capital 6 Drive-In & Public Market

Capital 6 Drive-In & Public Market is another cozy movie hall in San Jose, situated at 3630 Hillcap Ave. If you have a small child, you can even take your child here. It’s a great place for babies.

  • AMC Saratoga 14

You can find this comfy movie hall at 700 El Paseo de Saratoga. Visit with your family and enjoy the movie in a good environment.

  • Camera 3

If you are a big fan of animated movies, this one is the best option for you. The place is quite affordable and watching midnight movies here is a thing.

  • AMC Eastridge 15

This movie hall is found in Eastridge Mall in San Jose. It is a nice place to watch a good movie with your partner. The tickets are also affordable.

  • Westfield Oakridge

Westfield Oakridge, another popular theater in San Jose, is situated in 925 Blossom Hill Rd. the movie theater is classy and there are many good restaurants outside it. While watching the movie, order a kettle corn.

  • The Tech Museum of Innovation

You can watch here amazing movies such as The Hackworth IMAX and you are going to cherish the experience

  • California Theatre

California Theater, situated in Downtown San Jose is the best place for love birds. The surrounding is really romantic, setting the mood and giving you best vibes.

  • H&M

For any movie date, go to H&M without second thought. You are going to fall in love with the movie theater.

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San Jose

Museums You Must Visit in San Jose if You are a Lover of History




Exploring a museum is indubitably are beautiful experience. Each museum has its distinct feature, style and most importantly, content. Subjects of museums vary from place to place. There are even museums in the world representing sports or fine arts.

San Jose is known for its diversity of museums that attract thousands of tourists every year to the city. The city was founded in the year 1777 and has seen immigration as well as the rise of Silicon Valley. The museums in the city try to preserve these landmark events.

Here is a list of the most visited museums in San Jose.

1. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

It is a storehouse of more than 4000 Egyptian artifacts of the past. This museum dates back to 1915. Here you can see four human mummies, animal mummies, busts of Egyptian pharaohs and sarcophagi. The entrance of this museum has is decorated with replica statues and inside the building there are hieroglyphics and pillars. There is also a planetarium and a research library.

2.New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum

You can explore a new side of the California Gold Rush here. You can learn about the cinnabar mining history of this area. The museum was established in an 1854 building that was the mine superintendents’ official residence.

3. Japanese American Museum

Situated in Japantown district, the Japanese American Museum tells us about the history of Japanese Americans. You can learn about the consequences of the war on the Japanese residing in America and also their art, culture, lifestyle, sports and music from their guided tours and knowledgeable exhibits.

4. The Tech Museum of Innovation

San Jose, Silicon Valley’s capital, is the perfect place to construct a museum from promotion of technology. It is liked by not only adults but also children for its interesting exhibits.

5. Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum aims to preserve the history and artifacts of the devices responsible for ushering in the modern age of information and communication. They display all the generations of computers, starting from the first generation computers. You can also have a look at the Babbage Engine, 150 years old.

6. San Jose Museum of Art

This museum focuses of contemporary and modern art. There are several pieces on display such as painting, glasswork, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and textile. There are nearly 2,500 artworks.

7. Children’s Discovery Museum

The Chidren’s Discovery Museum has behind its construction, three basic concepts: Connections, Creativity and Community. Kids are welcome to take part in several interactive exhibits of the museum, from art to technology. “Waterways” has been voted by many parents as the favorite exhibit of their children. It makes children about the properties of the liquid matter, water.

8. San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

In San Jose you can visit America’s most ancient quilt museum. Here you can see not only traditional quilts’ collection but also beautiful contemporary items. In this museum, you will come to know that quilt making is also an art.

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Food and Drinks

San Jose’s Best Wine Bars for People Who Have a Good Taste in Wine




Are you eager to taste some of North California’s best wines? If your visit is short and you do not have that much time to visit the fantastic wineries of northern California, you need not be upset. We are here to enlighten you about the best wine bars in the heart of San Jose where you will not at all be disappointed. Wine enthusiasts visit these places quite often for distressing themselves. These bars collect sample wines from the good wine regions in the locality. Mention may be made of Napa, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara Valley, Sonoma and several others. Head to one of these restaurants in San Jose and you can taste some good quality wine.

  • Wine Affairs

Wine Affairs, an amazing store in the neighborhood of the Rose Garden, stock boutique wines and small wines from all corners of the world. The food menu is tapas-style. It is opened every day. The Happy hour at Wine Affairs is on Thursday from 3-8 pm and for the whole day on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • The Village California Bistro & Wine Bar

This restaurant and wine bar has an award winning list of wine. Their specialty is collecting wine from small production wineries, mostly from local wineries in California. You must visit this place as here you will find several hard to get and rare wines. Their menu for lunch and dinner has diverse tasty dishes, freshly made. You can sit outdoors and enjoy your wine.

  • Vino Vino

They claim to serve “wine without attitude”. The appearance and ambience of the bar is similar to any neighborhood pub. They have some regional and local wines to offer you. You can sit outdoors here, located in San Pedro Street. It remains open on all seven days of the week. You will find this bar at 87 N San Pedro.

  • Vintage Wine Bar

You will find Vintage Wine Bar at 368 Santa Row. This wine store offers some unique themed wines such as Bold & Jammy, Pinot Paradise and Party Chardy. If you go to the Vintage Wine Bar during the happy hour, you will get the first glass of wine for free.

  • Vyne Bistro

Vyne Bistro is situated in Downtown San Jose. This wine bar and bistro offers wine as well as meals. It remains open every day and the happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Enjoy your evening with a glass of wine in your hand, sitting by the fireplace with your friends or family.

  • 20twenty Cheese Bar

This wine bar is located in San Jose’s 1389 Lincoln Ave. It is a unique bar in the Willow Glen area known for wine, beer and cheese. There are 20 types of wine and 20 craft beers for the visitors. The side dishes are served in small plates and their always new menu of charcuterie and artisan cheese allures youngsters. On Mondays, this place remains closed.

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