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Monster Fire in California Devours Cory Iverson



fire death

Cory Iverson, died at 32, on Thursday, while trying to eradicate Thomas Fire in California.

His unfortunate death has devastated his family, friends and colleagues. Though he will be remembered as a “true hero”, the question “Why Cory?” keeps reiterating among his near and dear ones. His wife, Ashley is five- months pregnant and together they have a daughter, Evie, who is two years old. A new member is going to join the family in the month of May.

As far reports of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the everlasting inferno that kept burning for 12 days and 12 nights, has ravaged 252,500 acres of land.

Chief Mercham’s eyes become moist when he recalls the phone call that he attended and that gave him the news of Cory’s Iverson’s death. On Thursday he talked to reporters that when in the morning his phone rang, “it was the phone call no fire chief ever wants to get.” He added that Cory’s entire family and he himself was asking God the same question again and again: “Why Cory?” But no satisfying answer could be found.

Iverson was a firefighter who was assigned the job of battling the Thomas fire, with several other firefighters. He died in Fillmore, in California. But the exact time and manner of his death is unknown. Chief Mercham informs that Cory was “outside the fire engine” and officials are unsure “where the accident site occurred.”

Chief Mercham says that Iverson will always be remembered as a great hero. He was “somebody who really loved his job and took pride in wearing the Cal Fire badge.” Mercham adds that he knew Iverson on a personal level and recalls that besides being an “incredible guy”, Iverson was a family man. He loved his wife and daughter very much.

Iverson was a member of a team that consisted of five firefighters. On December 5, they headed north from the San Diego base to help other firefighters. The fellow firefighters were greatly traumatized by the tragic death. The entire team has now been removed from the place and have reunited with their near and dear ones.

One of Cory’s family friends has created a crowdfunding site. Around $38,000 has been raised so far. This fund will be a helping hand to the family and enable them to go ahead with their lives without Cory by the side. It will also pay for the funeral ceremonies and be a support system to the devastated family of the late firefighter.

The Thomas fire has devastated more than 45 miles of land towards the north. 972 structures have been demolished and more than 200 structures have been completely damaged. People have been evacuated from Santa Barbara and Ventura. It has become the fourth largest fire in the history of California wildfires. As per reports, Cory Iverson is the only firefighter who has expired so far. Apart from him, a resident has died while the evacuation work was going on.


Monstrous wildfire in California Becomes More Savage As The Merciless Santa Ana Winds Act As A Catalyst




Thomas Fire is one of the biggest wildfires in the history of California. Evacuation orders have been given in Santa Barbara County on Saturday. It is only 5,700 acres away from becoming as huge as the ferocious Cedar Fire, which occurred in 2003. The Cedar fire took the lives of 15 innocent people and damaged 273,000 acres of land in San Diego.

As many as 8500 firefighters incessantly battled the ferocious fire in California, which has started burning on 4th December. It has devastated 1,000 structures and 18,000 structures are under threat. Till now, 267,500 acres of land has been scorched by the blaze – an area as large as the Hawaiian island. Nearly 33,000 people have been evacuated from the rich enclave of Montecito and from certain areas of Santa Barbara.

Martin Johnson, the chief of Santa Barbara County Fire Department Division calls the Thomas Fire a beast. But he says with confidence that the team of effective firefighters is potent enough to kill the beast.

The fire is ranked as the third largest in the history of California. An information officer reporting situation of the Thomas Fire, Jude Olivas has stated that red flag warning is still there, so that no unfortunate incident happens. The expense of battling the fire now has become $110 million, informs Olivas. Olivas also gives the exact number of people involved in the task of battling the fire and evacuating the people. A well trained army of 8,300 firefighters, 29 helicopters, 400 fire trucks and 77 bulldozers worked inexhaustibly to stop the fire.

Another public information officer, Joe Rosa gives the following information: “The smoke is so thick in places, and the winds so strong and the fire’s behaviour so erratic, it’s just not safe for us to have crews staying in the fire area.” North of Los Angeles, more than 400 square miles have been burnt by the savage fire. Only 40% of it has been contained. According to forecast reports, the cruel Santa Ana winds are expected to keep fuelling the fire at the rate of 60 mph. Weather service has also regretted saying that the area is about to endure one of its driest water seasons as per records.

To deal with the situation, crews are using “fire front following”, that is, hitting the hot spots.

Till now, the Thomas Fire has taken the lives of two innocents. Cory Iverson, a firefighter, 32 years of age, died on Thursday. However, the exact situation of his death is yet to be investigated. Virginia Pesola, 70 years of age, an inhabitant of Santa Paula, is the other person who died during evacuation work was going on. They are taking extra care so that no more deaths occur. It is quintessential that the firefighters first of all, preserve lives, not only of the inhabitants of the area but also their own. Joe Rosa says that “We want the firefighters to be able to go home as well.”

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More Civilian were Sacrificed in Mosul Battle Than ISIS Terrorists




A new report has revealed that more civilians were slaughtered in the ultimate battle for Mosul than ISIS supporters.

As per the survey conducted by The Associated Press, in the battle that was fought to reestablish control over the Iraqi city, 5,000 innocent civilians were killed. Witnesses who were present there have stated that many civilians were shot down by the militants as they were trying to escape from there. Many others had to die in air strikes.

The United States of America has said in its defense that by its air strikes not more than 800 people have been killed in the past 3 years. Officials opine that without those air strikes, it was impossible to free the city from ISIS control.

A doctor of the region has given this valuable piece of information to the reporters: “Since the period of liberation until now we have received over 5000 bodies from both shores of the Tigris River, the left and the right, bodies of civilians who died at the hands of the Islamic State or because of the military operations.”

Search efforts have not been ceased for more victims that are expected to be remaining.

The officials of the United States have drawn a comparison between this destruction in Iraq and the destruction that happened in Stalingrad at the time of World War II. They have acknowledged that the healing process is going to be long.

The second most populous city in Iraq is Mosul. The Battle of Mosul was a massive military campaign that was initiated by the Iraqi government and as a result of which the city was seized in the month of June in 2014. On 18 October, 20 villages close to Mosul were captured back from ISIL. Several other villages near Qayyarah were also retaken by Iraqi troops. As the Iraqi army tried to approach towards Mosul, rebellion broke out in the city against the ISIL captors. & rebellious leaders died and the revolt came to an end with the Iraqi flag being fixed on top of the building.

In the month of October in 2017, a photo related to this incident became viral. In the photo the relatives of Sana Younes, 15 years old, were seen burying her body at a graveyard, located in Mosul. As per the Iraqi law, for receiving a death certificate, the government made it mandatory that body of the dead person needs to be buried. After burying the body, the remains were again reburied. In an investigation the Associated Press has found that between 9,000 and 11,000 common people died in the final battle that was declared to drive away the ISIS fighters. In that fight that continued for nine months, thousands of civilians lost their families and were killed like animals. Among those there were many people whose bodies were somehow buried without following proper rituals due to lack of scope. There were alos some whose bodies were buried under rubbles during the battle.

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Victim’s Mother is Outraged as the Man who had Sex with Her 12-year-old Daughter is Sentenced to Three Years of Probation



girl abuse

The accused is Jeff Calica, who is 20 years old. He has pleaded guilty to the court for his carnal attitude towards a minor girl.

At first he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. But Judge Washington reconsidered his decision and sentenced Calica to three years of probation.

The mother of the victim was not at all happy with the court’s decision. The girl’s family has rejected the decision stating that it’s inadequate for the heinous crime he has committed. A spokesperson from the family of the victim has said that Calica has driven from Oxford to Solana Beach two times and both times he had sexual intercourse with the girl.

The girl’s mother wrote a bitter reply to the court after the verdict was given: “Your actions and assault [have] turned our lives upside down and caused a happy little girl’s life to be ripped out from under her feet and put into a tail- spin of depression, isolation and bitterness.”

Judge Washington says that the accused does not have any previous criminal record. His young age and the fact that no earlier criminal record is there on his name made them not to be too harsh with him. He has given strict warning to Calica so that he follows all the terms and conditions of his probation. Some of these terms include staying away from social networking sites that children and particularly teens use, submitting to lie detector tests if the probation officer thinks it essential and registering as a sex offender for life. The judge has made it clear that if he violates any of the rules charted by the probation officer, he will be directly sent to prison. The judge makes his understand how damaging it will be for him if he is sent to adult prison with the charge of molesting a child. That’s a kind of charge that no one wants to be involved with.

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Calico by the girl’s family members. They have also blamed the San Dieguito Union High School for their “negligent supervision.” Attorney Mary Bajo has disregarded the role played by the school administrators. Bajo has pointed out that due to the negligence of the school authority the girl used school computers to go to social networking sites, where she started an online relationship with the accused, Calico. Two times during their trips to the library, Calico took sexual advantage of the girl. Near her school in a parking lot he molested her twice – once in December 2016 and then again in January 2017.

Bajo says that it is becoming increasingly scary for parents who drop their boys and girls off at school with the faith that their little ones are completely safe with the school premises. The schools need to monitor and supervise each and everything carefully so that certain incidents are not repeated in future.

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