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Christmas Shopping 2017: What to Gift that Person who Keep Telling ‘I don’t Need Anything’




We are all blessed with that one person in our life who, for unknown reasons, won’t say what holiday gift to buy for her\him even after asking several times. “I just don’t need anything” is their favorite reply. Well, maybe they don’t need anything, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make their holiday special and memorable.

FOR THE ADVENTUROUS – If the one you love is a fun loving person, then you need to find a novel experience that they can try. An adventurous loves to try something exciting and new and is never tired of seeking adventure. So, instead of giving a traditional gift, plan a day of rock climbing, skiing or may be a walking tour.

FOR THE SENTIMENTAL SOUL – These are the people who value relationships the most in the world. Relationships top their priority list and they are always eager too spent time with their near and dear ones. Plan a group activity with family or close friends to give that person the best Christmas gift. It might include going to a Christmas village, camping in the lap of nature, a day dedicated to going on a family picnic and stuffs like that.

FOR THE PHILANTHROPIST – Is your loved one a person who is deeply concerned about a cause? There are innumerable ways of donating to a charitable organization. There are several sites like DonorsChoose and tisbest. Global Giving also allows you to give donation in someone’s honour. These sites are different as the recipient is given the liberty to choose the particular cause. You are free to coordinate your gift or donation directly through the charity.

FOR THE TRADITIONALIST – There are people who are very attached to their old stuffs. The reason that they don’t want new items is that they are very fond of the things they have. That’s why the old sewing machine or radio that has stopped working is still there at home. Search for nearby service centers that with make the old stuffs as good as new. This will indeed the best Christmas gift for your traditionalist person.

FOR THE PROUD PARENT – Does your husband/ wife simply adored any artwork made by the children? Then it is very easy to please that person. Surprise your partner with a handmade creative gift made by the children. Seeing the pride and pure joy in his/ her eyes will make your day.

FOR THE FOOD LOVER – As they say, the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach. Is the person whom you want to surprise with your gift a foodie? Is food all he thinks about? Then we have a brilliant idea for you. You can easily surprise that person by giving a gift card form his favorite restaurant. This will indeed make him feel special.

FOR THE NATURE LOVER – Surprise your nature lover with a long drive to lush green forests or a candle light dinner at a beach. This will be the best Christmas gift for such a person.

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A Mom Uses Disney Voucher Worth $3,000 To Draw Smiles On The Faces Of Unknown Children



Disney toys

We all have dreams. But how many of us dream of doing something special for someone whom e do not even know? Erica Donovan always dreamt differently and this December, she finally fulfilled her rare dream of fulfilling others’ dreams.

Erica Donovan works in a sales company named Thirty-One Gifts, in Connecticut. The independent consultant was awarded a Disney voucher worth $3,000 in the month of September. She got it as her incentive for a month and was said that she could spend the voucher doing any of the multiple activities that Disney has to offer. But Donovan was clear right from the beginning how she was going to spend the money.

“We are a very community minded family, [so] donating my voucher was the only way to go!” is her opinion.

On November 9, she went to a local Disney store, located in West-farms mall, which is full of Disney toys for children. Then she started taking toys from the shelves and filling her cart with Disney toys. She was happy thinking about the children who will be overjoyed on Christmas to get those gifts. In fact, she was so happy that her eyes became moist. She communicated with her relatives and friends about her noble venture through Facebook Live. Little did she expect that her kind gesture would encourage other people to o the same. Like a chain reaction the people around her started supporting her and contributing in her charitable work on their free will. Donovan recalls that within an hour of her shopping, a cast member informed her that another mother was shopping with her kids in the same store. After seeing Donovan, she enquired what the matter was and when she came to know the whole thing, she bought a bag full of toys for presenting to the orphans. Donovan’s was more than happy: “I’m welling up just [thinking about it], as charity and love are so contagious – this was more than I could have imagined.” But that was not the end of it. Many other shoppers and even a passerby, after knowing what was happening, happily contributed to Donovan’s collection. She shares that she was overwhelmed and thrilled to think that she was successful in catalyzing so much love for the helpless children.

After a couple of weeks, the Director of the Stores sent a voicemail to Donovan. He gave her the good news that Disney was pleased to know about the generation donation she has made. So, they were giving her another $3,000 shopping voucher for buying toys. Donovan was very touched by their generosity.

She again headed to the store for purchasing toys. Strangers were inspired by her noble act of spreading love and purchased toys along with her. By the end of the day, the total amount spent on toys for orphans was $13,000. Donovan thanked God several times for turning her $3,000 donation to something as huge as $13,000.

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