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Rally in the Streets of California



California Health Care Issue

On Sunday there was a great rally on the street of California. Around 150 people participated in that rally.The rally was the protest against the closing of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

The people in that rally made different slogans. Alta Bates is the birth place for many children of East Bay. This center was specialised for maternity issues. If it will be closed then the total East Bay will suffer.

It was not only the health service provider of Alameda country but it used to serve a large area. People of this area are emotionally attached with this center.

About 2 years ago the owner of Alta Bates,  Sulter Health already announced that they are going to close this health care centre because of poor infrastructure and financial instability.

On Monday Sulter Health stated that they actually do not want to close the center but they wants to make it larger and technologically more develop. So that the ambience will not harm the neighbourhood and people will avail good health care services.

He also said that in that newly modelled center will fulfil all the basic health care needs of the people. There will be a larger Er, new and furnished labour and delivery room, private rooms for the patents and also ICU and modern surgery suits. The people living near Alta Bates and Summit compuses will be benifited by  this new service.

Two years ago when DMC was closed leaving only two emergency health care rooms open, it was a total mess. So now by hearing the plans of Alta Bates that the regional emergency health care rooms can be substituted by local rooms, the public and the officials are also not satisfied. They are apprehending the upcoming problems related to health care services.

According to Gioia , it will be closed then the people of the place will have to travel a long distance to avail health services. So the rate of death will increase. To explain this , he mentioned his own real life experience . He explained how his father died because of poor health care service.

The Mayor of Barkaly Jesse Arreguin also said that the decision of closing Alta Bates is a very cruel decision of Sulter. Now onwards people’s lives will be in danger. It is not correct to snach the basic amenities of the people for profit only. He requested the authority of the health care center Alta Bates not to close it.

On Monday, Sulter told that they are trying to make Alta Bates as a international health care center.  They have the plan to make it possible in near future. As per their plan they will arrange few expert doctors from different places and  the patients from different places will also be able to take the health care services. Some emergency clinics   will also be there to treat the patients. They will also make a cancer center  as in modern world  cancer is a serious threat to people.


The California Department of Public Health Warns People to keep Cell Phones Away from Their Bodies



mobile phone

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) once again warns you against the ill effects of cell phone radiation.

In the world that we reside in seems impossible without cell phones. Smart phones have become an inseparable part of our existence. While these mobiles provide an effective and easy way to keep touch with our friends, family and others, excessive use of these can also harm our health.

The CDPH seeks to alert people to keep a safe distance from their mobile phones to reduce exposure to the radiation waves. It cannot be denied that these devices are incessantly transmitting electromagnetic and radio waves. These waves may cause short term or permanent damage to your health.

A phone kept a few inches away from your body delivers radiations hundred times less than a phone kept in contact with your skin. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) suggests that 20 centimeters is the minimum distance that users should keep from their mobile phones to reduce the harmful effects of radiation. For long calls, use headphones instead of keeping it in contact with your ear. Also, if you are inside a fast moving vehicle, know that your beloved phone is emitting more RF energy for maintaining the network connection.

If you are one of the billions of people who sleep next to their cell phones, this could be damaging for your health. The radiations emitted from these cell phones are extremely dangerous. Sleeping next to cell phones can cause nightmares, insomnia and waking up several times at night. The reason is that these harmful radiations alter your cardiac rhythms. The World Health Organization has warned that electronic devices increase the chances of cancer. If you set the alarm clock on your phone, stop using that. This is because even if you are not using the phone at night, it is still busy communicating with base stations and therefore, your phone is always radiating electromagnetic waves into your surroundings. It is advisable to switch off your phone and keep it in a different room while sleeping. If this appears too difficult to you, at least turn off  the Wi-Fi or internet connection, as it is far more dangerous than the radio waves. As per expert’s recommendation, your cell phone has to be at least three feet away from the body when you sleep. Also, never keep your cell phone under your pillow and charge it overnight. There are many instances of people having burnt their hands or faces due to overheating of the battery. Keeping your cell phone on a table next to your bed increases anxiety levels, irritability, headaches, stress, lack of productivity, poor concentration etc.

The CDPH cites several ways to reduce the harmful effects of cell phones:

  • Avoid sleeping next to your cell phone
  • Maintain distance from your phone when possible
  • When you are not using it, turn the air plane mode on
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Healthiest States and Least Healthy States in America




In spite of years of labor to eliminate health disparities among different states in the United States, few states still lag behind in health related issues and some are immensely healthier than others.

As per a recent report, top five healthiest states in America are Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii, Connecticut and Utah. On the other hand, American states that are least healthy are Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. This report has been published by the United Health Foundation. They have been keeping records of health standards in American states for 28 years.

The final rankings have been given after taking into account several vital health factors. Some of those factors are obesity, infectious diseases, physical inactivity, infant deaths and smoking. Factors, such as levels of air and water pollution, availability of health centers, have been analyzed while preparing the list.

Among the top five healthiest states, Massachusetts has topped the list as the no. 1 healthy state in America. It has culminated Hawaii’s long reign as the healthiest American state for 5 consecutive years. The Bay State deserves praise for having the lowest prevalence of obesity and only 2.7% of uninsured residents. Also, the number of physical and mental health providers are the highest in Massachusetts, compared to the other American states.

The United Health Foundation gave rank 49 and rank 50 to Mississippi and Louisiana respectively. This is a clear indication of the health challenges that these two states have. As per reports, in these two states, there is high prevalence of mainly three things – smoking, children in poverty and obesity.

Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, Dr. Georges Benjamin regrets saying that “We’re failing in our fundamental task to be a healthier nation.”

Since 2015, the premature death rate in the nation has increased by 3%. Similarly, drug deaths have increased by 7% and cardiovascular deaths have increased by 2%. So, compared to 35 other countries, the rank of the United States in terms of life expectancy is 27th.

Benjamin says that keeping in mind the fact that the United States spends far more money on health care than other countries, the results are quite depressing: “We’re spending more on health and we die sooner.” He states that it needs to be figured out how the situation can be bettered in America.

Dr. Tom Frieden says that deaths from cardiovascular diseases and drug use can be minimized if the following principles are followed. Blood pressure should be kept in check and cholesterol management is equally important. Reduction of smoking is quintessential all over the nation. Government should take steps to lessen the opioid epidemic. Finally, obesity should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to reduce it.

This recent report is a reminder of the fact that the overall health of the nation as a whole is getting worse. So, it should act as an eye-opener for the Americans and they should strive towards achieving a healthier society for the future generations.

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Food and Drinks

Places that Serve the Best Pizzas in America




It is impossible to imagine any food as worthy of devotion as pizza. There is no such thing as bad pizza as when it is bad, it’s still pretty good. In a country like America, people are blessed with several restaurants that serve the best pizzas in the world. If you are wondering where you will find the best pizzas in America, this article is definitely for you.

Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn – Paul Giannone worked in the tech industry for thirty years before making a pizza oven that was wood-fired, in the backyard of his house in Brooklyn. Starting from this backyard landscape, now they have restaurants in Chicago, Miami, Columbus and Baltimore. They make the best Neapolitan pies and many specialty pizzas in the neighborhood.

Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles – The people of Los Angeles fell in love with pizzas after Nancy Silverton, Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali opened this restaurant in 2006. The toppings are very creamy their pizza is a mark of authentic California cuisine. If you want to taste their delicious pizza, you need to book one month in advance.

Seattle’s Delancey – Food blogger Molly Wizenberg and Brandon Pettit opened this pizza parlor in 2009 in Seattle. They ferment the dough for two days and add the toppings (aged mozzarella, dried Japanese chilies and homemade ricotta) are meticulously prepared.

Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix – If you are a pizza lover, Pizzeria Bianco’s pizza should definitely be in your list. Their approach to pizza-making is really innovative. Chris Bianco, who opened this restaurant in 1994, earned a James Beard award for his tasty pizza recipe in 2003.

San Francisco’s Del Popola – They started as a pizza truck in 2012 in San Francisco. Within a short span the truck was replaced by a sophisticated shop. Although the environment changed, their pizzas remained as delicious as they were in the beginning. They have an expanded menu to offer you. Once you are there, taste their manila clams.

Atlanta’s Antico Pizza Napoletana – Antico Pizza Napoletana is the pizza parlor by which all other pizza parlors are compared in Atlanta. Their Actuno ovens, specially imported from Italy, serve awesome pizzas. The dining room reminds you of the cafeteria in your high school. When it was opened in 2009, within two weeks it became extremely popular.

Spacca Napoli in Chicago – Since 2006, they serve one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in Chicago. Spacca Napoli’s partner is Jonathan Goldsmith. They have an unending list of specialty toppings to offer you. They are perfectionists in what they serve you. The restaurant is located at Sunnyside Ave. in Chicago.

Area Four, Boston –Each pizza that they serve at Area Four in Boston has a fifteen year-old legacy. Jeff Pond, the chef, allows the dough to proof for 30 hours and it gives the pizza a springy texture and a uniquely complex flavor.

Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis – It was opened by Ann Kim in 2010. Pizzeria Lola is famous for its pizzas that are complexly flavored and innovatively topped.

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