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Avattire: Avatars Are Going To Step Into Your Dressing Room To Surprise You




Online and video games are becoming more popular because of introducing Avatars which is one of the most famous fantasy characters. To get more details about the current technology you may refer the San Jose Tea Times website. They used these characters in online forums and games to represent themselves. Calif-based startup company named Santa Monica is going to introduce avatar concept in fashion retailing. The Avatar Inc has updated its app this summer and it will also be available on iTunes as well as androids.

The Avattire users are able to create avatars and they can make wardrobes on their smartphones as well as computers. This online fashion play will also be available for real-world uses too.

The Avattire CEO John Botti says that It helps people to plan their personal wardrobe designs by using this app and they can also design clothes as well. Currently, the company describes this app as a 3-D mobile tool which will help its users by creating new looks to women as well as men.

As the technology of mobile phones improved then the users of Avattire will be able to build exact Avatar look of themselves. The leap in the graphics technology has been forecasted by many persons to improve the e-commerce as well as the shopping experience. Botti also said ” we cant completely makeover the dressing room but we will quite closer. Avattire was started in 2014 and at present, it has 100,000 users all over the world.

Botti said ” The company is now seeking to seed for the second round funding. Anjulei.A Aurelio who is the president of Attire said that this is a fashion inspiration tool. To see their look in different colors or fabric, they can upload an image or pattern to create the garment of the Avatar. But at present, this app only features options to customize the users with their own designs of T-shirt, Jackets, and leggings as well.

The most wonderful feature of this app is you can design your own style phone cases. Botti said that to make those products it gets sources from the manufacturers of America. Aurelio and Botti hope to be partners for branded products and soon they will handle the sales of clothes from the outside retailers and brands. Now, the app helps you to try one trillion looks from tank tops to evening gowns.

To use the Avattire app, the user has to give their measurements such as height, weight, dress size, shoe size and skin colors to create avatars. This app also customizes the body type to individual looks. The navigation tool which is in the app used to correct the color of the garment as well as hairstyle. Users can also invite their friend to share the avatars to discuss the different looks.

The new technology will improve the avatar development. The iPhoneX is scheduled to be released this month which will offer an amazing 3-D depth scanner feature. It also helps to create accurate 3-D renderings of rooms, roads, peoples etc. Botti said that the technology has improved a lot because 15 years ago when he worked for video game company, he used to film in high tech studio. But now people are able to create avatars themselves in mobile phones itself.

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San Jose

Ideation conference of Gerber Technology by Tim Gunn



Gerber Technology

An Ideation Conference on Gerber Technology was conducted by Tim Gunn at Los Angeles where visitors previewed software demos, panel discussions, runway shows, a design contest and a fire chat with Project Runway with star Tim Gunn which was a three-day event.

Bill Brewster, Gerber’s vice president, and general manager, enterprise software solutions said that Los Angeles is a great marketplace which allowed great companies to design which led to manufacturing as well and provide entire value chain solution. Brewster also stated about the annual conference that has been held across the country in cities, including a stop prior this year in San Francisco. He also added that the conference is really a platform for communication and collaboration with their customers and this meet is held once a year to exchange ideas.

Gerber revealed various programming refreshes at Ideation, including headways to its AccuMark results of example making, checking and reviewing arrangements, and generation arranging programming and the declaration of the dispatch of Gerber’s YuniquePLM 8.0 one year from now. Gerber additionally declared an association with San Francisco– construct Avametric in light of a propelled 3-D-recreation motor that incorporates into Gerber’s AccuMark2D programming to enable clients to see a reasonable version of texture properties for digital samples.

Brewster continued that the industry spends too much time and money on samples even though there is a chance to reduce it. It gives the design department more feedback and more options and can see how the product will look on the model.

Computerized test making is one of a few innovations that enable retailers and brands to put up items for sale to the market quicker.

Brewster also said that the streamlined workflow can make a successful brand or retailer.

Notwithstanding featuring Gerber products, the Ideation meeting likewise highlighted new improvements from some industry accomplices, who were backers of the occasion. One of the Ideation supports was Mequon, which is based on print innovation organization Kornit, which had one of its direct-to-piece of clothing printers set up in an area of the Sheraton that Gerber had named it as “Intelligent Studio.”

Kornit art director Erin Ormsby said that the tabletop T-shirt printer can print up to 50 shirts for each hour. In any case, Kornit’s principle DTG machines are fit for printing up to 200 shirts for every hour. He also included that the roll-to-roll printer was used by Robert Kaufman Fabrics a textile supplier in Los Angeles and N.C. – based custom fabric printer Spoonflower Durham.

Designer Danit Peleg used Gerber’s AccuMark 3D and YuniquePLM software to create bomber jacket a new limited-edition. She also demonstrated about the method she used to print the fabric using a flexible web-like structure that allows 3D-fabric to drape and these bomber jackets are currently available in the web. She was there with 3D printed pencil skirt and shoes which she is planning to introduce next. She stated that it is three times faster than usual as the technology is evolving quickly.

Peleg concluded that he compares this to the music industry as the people first started with CD and now they download music the same idea is carried with fashion.

This article from California gives the overall discussion of Ideation Conference of Gerber Technology on San Jose Tea Times.

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New Epson SureColor F9379 printer aiming more profit with high performance



Epson Printer

Epson America Inc., based in Long Beach, California heads Epson’s U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Epson America is a U.S division of Japanese print technology organization Seiko Epson Corporation. This introduces the latest wide-format textile printer which produces delivery rate at high speed and reliable productivity of digital dye-sublimation changing for a polyester textile and clothing applications.

Tim Check, product manager of Epson America’s for professional imaging has added that it is very high-production printer as it gives a speed of more than 1000 square feet an hour. As the company has come with the specifications such that it is a 64-inch Epson Sure-Color F9370 with the production speed of 1169 square feet per hour. The printer holds features that ensure accuracy at high print speeds. One of its new features is that it has new fabric wiping system which is integrated to clean the printhead which guards the printhead plate against getting stuck with the paper fibres.

He has also added that inside one of the fabric wipers is 50 feet of fabric wiping which last four to six months and is sufficient for a standard user and each time when the head is wiped it pulls a fresh piece of pristine fabric. Check said that the wiping system cuts down on the interruption of users need.

He added that the need of paper for the printer is continuously fed by roll-to-roll media support system with automatic paper-tension controls. These papers can be used for soft signage and home decor applications. The frame does not need a manual adjustment as it is factory designed.

Check revealed that the take-up reel has a capacity to100-pound rolls. The heavy-weight papers are handled by the grip holders which is way down to as light as 40-gram paper and hence handle more paper on the roll. The speed that the paper runs through the printer is controlled by the large feed roller. The roll at the beginning has more weight and it gets lighter at the end of the roll. It gives precise control as it holds big grip roller. The printer takes care of the proper power, torque, and tension during printing by sensors in the paper unwinder, take-up system, and media-feed roller.

He also added that all these features are built well into the system and the work also seems to be good. UltraChrome DS Ink technology is used in dual-printhead F9370 which gives high-density blacks, high contrasts, and good color saturation. The other features include high-capacity ink tank and micro-weaving function. Wasatch SoftRIP TX software is used by this printer. Epson Control Dashboard manages the printer that does cleanings, check ink levels, update firmware and download new media profiles.

He also expects that the customers purchasing the F9370 can continue the usage with the earlier F-Series printers by adding F9370. The SureColor F9370 is supplanting the SureColor F9200 and joins an arrangement of SureColor F-Series printers, which incorporates the SureColor F6200 and SureColor F7200. The F9370 is intended to address the issues of high-volume makers searching for speed, exactness, and quality with little requirement for much client intercession. With all these upgrades still, you can use all the applications carried out with dye sublimation.

San Jose Tea Times have covered all the features and embedding properties of new Epson SureColor F9379 dye sublimation printer with the product manager of Epson America, Tom Check which helps us to know more about the new launching printer.

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Avattire an Etailer for Desirable Change of Dressing Room



Avattire_ California

Avattire makes design straightforward, compact and individual. It is intended to be utilized by anybody, anyplace on their cell phone. Avattire is accessible in many dialects and nations. The clients can design outfit with shoes, dresses, tops, and bottoms in Turkey, Colombia, France, United States, Bolivia, UK, China, Brazil and more than eighty (80) more nations. Santa Monica or California based Startup Company wants to bring the avatar concept of fashion to real.

Avattire Inc. updated its app that can be accessed in iTunes Androids. It is an online fashion play holding real-world users. John Botti, Avattire’s chief executive officer added that users can have their own wardrobes and design clothes. Presently the company explains that the app is a 3D mobile designing tool for both men and women. As the graphics technology has played a big role in e-commerce this app has touched its leap.

Well, Botti comes up to the point that they can’t fully replace the dressing room but tried to get much closer and also added that they reaching 100,000 users from around the world. Anjulei A. Aurelio, president of Avattire stated that it is a “fashion inspiration” tool.

After which Botti continued with the products that perceive the look in specific shading or a texture. She added that individuals can upload a pattern and create a garment. At present, the application offers an alternative where clients can modify a T-shirt, coat or stockings with their own plans. A standout amongst the most prevalent exercises on the site is for clients to outline their own phone cases. Botti and Aurelio hope to work together with brands. Later on, the application will deal with dress deals from outside retailers and brands. Right now, the organization expresses that it can help assemble 1 trillion looks, running from tank tops to night outfits. This app customizes body types into user looks. The navigation tools allow the user to control the color of garment or hairstyle. The users can also invite their friends to share avatars and get different looks at social media.

The company also hopes to find uses for the avatars on AI devices such as the voice-service assistants Amazon Echo and augmented-reality technology. Future uses might entail syncing physical wardrobes with a wardrobe on Avattire; it could possibly be used to track clothing in one’s residence. Ryan Sit, founder of e-tailer foresees that this will be a big fashion deal

Sit also added that she foresees 10 years from now that avatar model will be used by everyone and each has their own model of avatars for themselves. Each of them can see the fashion on themselves as they see on online and she also finds that this area will be focused by everyone in the coming years. Sit has also served on partner network advisory board for etailer eBay till May of this year.

Botti said Graphics technology has progressed significantly since the arrival of the iPhoneX, booked to be discharged for the current month, will offer a 3-D depth-scanning feature. It will help make exact 3-D renderings of one’s environment—rooms, streets, and individuals. Not as much as an age later, individuals will have the capacity to make symbols of themselves with their phones. San Jose Tea Times have covered every detail of Avattire and their future progress in detail.

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