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Trump Pitches A Trade Message That U.S Will Only Make Deals With Individual Nations



Trum Speech about Finance

Trump, the president of America delivered a message on to Pacific Rim Nations who are in eager to sign in the United States to continue engagement and economic leadership in the region America first. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit was conducted in Vietnam which annually gathers business leaders across the world to discuss the trade and development. The San Jose Tea Times discuss about this speech in this session.

In that assembly Trump told that “Hereafter we will not allow you anymore to take advantage over U.S” and I always put America first and in the same way I expect you all to put your countries first as well”. Trump said that unlike those rallies, at the seaside conference the business and Pacific nations try to pacific nation trade deal salvation in this politics. While delivering this speech he received a great applause and the crowd stood to take pictures with Trump at the start of his half an hour speech.

At some point, Trump paused his expression about disappointment and said: “Not many people are here from Thailand”. He delivered his warm words met with silence about the country. After that, he made a complain that ” When we lowered the barriers of market other countries refused to open market to us and now Trans-Pacific Partnership have done much to change U.S”.

Trump gave a speech about the countries that use government-run industrial planning and state-owned enterprises. And engaging in product dumping, subsidized goods, currency manipulation and predatory industrial policies. They ignored the rules in order to gain advantages over those who followed the rules and that causes overwhelming distortion in commerce and threatens the foundation of international trade itself.

A tough critic has been contrasted when Trump muted the criticism of the country to build a personal bond with the president Xi Jinping. He blames his predecessors rather than China. He also said, ” I won’t blame China or other countries for taking advantage of U.S on trade”. If their representatives get away with it, then they are doing their jobs. Trump said ” I wish my previous administrators to saw what was happening in the country and to do something regarding that. They didn’t do anything but I’ll do”.

The remarks on China brought tension at the conference. The Trump’s speech was suddenly followed by an address from the Xi who celebrates globalization and open markets. Since Trump has rejected the partnership of Trans-Pacific Xi seeks the trading partners of Asia to fill to fill the leadership void. Xi’s message was ” We should continue to foster an open economy that benefits all”. While openness brings progress and seclusion leaves one behind.

He also said that “over the last few decades globalization has contributed much to the growth of the global and indeed it becomes an irreversible historical trend”. Trump said that the U.s will remain an important regional player but the terms will be different from Obama and other predecessors. He says that he would forge bilateral trade agreements with individual countries that has the principle of fair and reciprocal trade.

While resisting the multilateral trade agreements that tend to tie our hands and surrender our sovereignty is practically impossible. He gave a winning formula for everyone by saying ” We will respect your independence and sovereignty. We want you to be strong enough in prosperous and self-reliant to root in your history and branch out towards the future”. He also said that Indo-Pacific dream is only possible when all the countries play by following the rule.

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Kay Coles James to Become the Next President of the Conservative Heritage Foundation



Kay Coles James

The orthodox Heritage Foundation has officially announced on Tuesday that Kay Coley James will become its president with the commencement of 2018. For the first time in the history of this organization, an African American woman is going to become their president. Kay Coley James will be the sixth president of Heritage Foundation.

She has stated on Tuesday that her goal will be enlarge and expand the spectrum of the movement and to “take it to places it may not have been before.”

James has been a representative of the board of members of the Heritage Foundation since 2005. She has served as a board member during the tenure of three presidents, one of whom was Ronald Reagan. During President Donald Trump’s transition to the White House, she has also remained as a senior advisor of Trump. She has served the American Presidents George W. Bush and worked in the Department of Health and Human Services under Ronald Reagan. She was also a member of the board of education and secretary of health and human resources for Virginia.

James says that since the time she joined Donald Trump’s transition team, she harbored the dream of joining the administrative system of the nation. The President’s vow to revitalize and improve the conditions of blighted cities interested her in the initial stage. She tells the news reporters that she was very disappointed and disheartened when she was said that she could not be a part of that team anymore. But now she feels that this new post will enable her to do a lot of good work than it would have been possible for her in the previous position.

The Heritage Foundation is the largest conservative organization in the country and has performed a key role in forming policy during Republican administrations. James assures that her approach towards her job will not be of a “policy wonk” but of a problem solver who will take interest in how policy acts as a catalyst in affecting and empowering the lives of citizens.

In her conversation with the employees of Heritage Foundation, it was made clear that the stressful political climate in Washington wounds her spirit. Ed Feulner will be succeeded by James as the new president.

Nearly 200 resumes have been analyzed and examined by the board of directors before they took their final decision. On being questioned about the decision, Feulner has given the following statement to the reporters: “We ended up with one of our own, and we’re very proud indeed that Kay is our new leader.”

James says that he is humbled and honored that she has been asked by the board to play such a domineering and significant role. She is hopeful that the results will be positive. “What we believe, what we develop, what we fight for – these are the policies that help people,” says James. Feulner has asserted that he will advise her during the initial days of her service.

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Republicans’ Warning to President Donald Trump: Bloodbath in 2018



Donald Trump

A few weeks prior to Alabama’s election, Ronna Romney McDaniel gave a memo to John Kelly regarding the collapse of the party with female voters. Ronna Romney McDaniel is Republican National Committee head, handpicked by Donald Trump.

People who are close to the chairwoman have stated that Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore, who has been accused as a molester, is one of the factors that has damaged the party’s standing with female voters. McDaniel’s memo highlights the poor approval that Trump has among women all over the nation and in multiple states.

Recently, a number of Trump’s advisers are taking initiatives to caution the president directly about the political scenario that is fast deteriorating. White House officials have decided to discuss ways in which Trump’s standing can be improved with suburban voters. To discuss the political environment Trump had a meeting on Wednesday. Some of the people present in the meeting were John Kelly, Hope Hicks, communications director, Bill Stepien, Political director, Corey Lewandowski, earlier Trump campaign manager and Brad Parscale, who was Trump’s digital director in the previous year. Among them, Lewandowski repeatedly raised concerns regarding the efforts made by their party.

Stepien has stated in a recent interview that in the first midterm election, presidents lose seats in Congress. But he also says that it would be too early to calculate the GOP of 2018. Trump is also prepared to sign a huge cut legislation which gives them the hope that in spite of their unpopularity in earlier polls, the results can be better.

The political chief of the White House also acknowledges that the polling has not been in Trump’s favor in the time of the election of the president. “History tells us it will be challenging. How challenging, time will tell,” opines Stepien. But he also adds that they are highly optimistic for a favorable political environment.

In the conference meeting that was held last week, the party’s former five chairmen expressed their opinion on the political scenario, and the House Republicans listened to their opinions. An endangered lawmaker was of the opinion that little time should be spent by the incumbents worrying about the White House or the President. They should instead focus on those things that they can control. Another person said that if lawmakers do not make their political standing clear, national party will not safeguard them in future.

A moderate Republican, Charlie Dent warns that the present situation nothing should be taken for granted. Therefore, most members need to be prepared to face a tough situation.

Trump is not at all oblivious of the dangers that his party is likely to face in 2018. He keeps asking advisers whether his accomplishments are getting credits and his approval ratings. He also remains informed on matters like development of particular races. After the Alabama loss, he sat with Mike Pence, the Vice President, Kelly, Stepien and Rick Dearborn and discussed the possible reasons for the loss as well as the remedies.

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Rally in the Streets of California



California Health Care Issue

On Sunday there was a great rally on the street of California. Around 150 people participated in that rally.The rally was the protest against the closing of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

The people in that rally made different slogans. Alta Bates is the birth place for many children of East Bay. This center was specialised for maternity issues. If it will be closed then the total East Bay will suffer.

It was not only the health service provider of Alameda country but it used to serve a large area. People of this area are emotionally attached with this center.

About 2 years ago the owner of Alta Bates,  Sulter Health already announced that they are going to close this health care centre because of poor infrastructure and financial instability.

On Monday Sulter Health stated that they actually do not want to close the center but they wants to make it larger and technologically more develop. So that the ambience will not harm the neighbourhood and people will avail good health care services.

He also said that in that newly modelled center will fulfil all the basic health care needs of the people. There will be a larger Er, new and furnished labour and delivery room, private rooms for the patents and also ICU and modern surgery suits. The people living near Alta Bates and Summit compuses will be benifited by  this new service.

Two years ago when DMC was closed leaving only two emergency health care rooms open, it was a total mess. So now by hearing the plans of Alta Bates that the regional emergency health care rooms can be substituted by local rooms, the public and the officials are also not satisfied. They are apprehending the upcoming problems related to health care services.

According to Gioia , it will be closed then the people of the place will have to travel a long distance to avail health services. So the rate of death will increase. To explain this , he mentioned his own real life experience . He explained how his father died because of poor health care service.

The Mayor of Barkaly Jesse Arreguin also said that the decision of closing Alta Bates is a very cruel decision of Sulter. Now onwards people’s lives will be in danger. It is not correct to snach the basic amenities of the people for profit only. He requested the authority of the health care center Alta Bates not to close it.

On Monday, Sulter told that they are trying to make Alta Bates as a international health care center.  They have the plan to make it possible in near future. As per their plan they will arrange few expert doctors from different places and  the patients from different places will also be able to take the health care services. Some emergency clinics   will also be there to treat the patients. They will also make a cancer center  as in modern world  cancer is a serious threat to people.

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